The Importance of Sharing using Gestalt in Forum

Why should we use the EO Gestalt Language Protocol?
Experience-sharing is non-threatening and non-judgmental. Everyone can learn from stories, there is no room for misinterpretation and it creates a safe environment. Forums that use opinions rather than experience-sharing do not reach the level of depth and confidence they can achieve.

Forum members may be afraid or concerned to present sensitive issues because of their fear of criticism and judgment. Criticism and advice will not create a safe environment, and it will not help the Forum reach the magic they seek; on the contrary, it can create a consultant/client relationship with your Forum peers, which may prevent openness and can create a problem in the Forum dynamic.

It is very important for Forum members to understand the foundation of experience-sharing and practice it, as well as understand the dangers of not using it. The EO Gestalt Language Protocol has changed my perspective of looking at problems and situations, and it has helped me be more empathetic. We are not born with opinions— our opinions come from experiences we have had in our lives. The challenge is for us to go deeper in our thinking process regarding where the opinions come from and relate to our Forum peers through feelings and empathy. This is how Gestalt helps achieve the magic in my Forum.

As with every EO benefit, the Forum experience is what you make of it. If you commit yourself to your Forum and your own growth, the possibilities for improving personally and professionally are endless.

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  1. williamberry9 · August 11, 2010

    Having just come back from a retreat in Santa Cruz – I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of Gestalt. We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs with strong characters, using Gestalt helped bring us closer together and sharing our experiences produced the best learning experience we could of hoped for.

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